Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Senior Sunday Folksy Friday

So I had a senior moment this weekend. I entirely forgot it was Friday. This may not sound such an issue to most but recently I've started finding grey hairs. And wrinkles. And these senior moments seem to be happening a lot more recently. At 21, this is worrying.

But I intend to embrace maturity and age gracefully. (Mainly because I'm too lazy to prevent it.) So in celebration of my incredibly premature ageing, I want to do an "old theme" Folksy Friday. Today, on Sunday.

To be quite honest, I'm not that much of a high flyer. So yes I want a good job and I'm quite determined to get what I want in life. But I spend my evenings in floral aprons, the only thing close to alcohol to be drunk is slightly fermented orange juice, and getting a little over excited when I see Heston has a new series out. I do not see my later years spent skiing in the Alps (mainly because I hate skiing) or having odd orgies like they suggest in "Bendidorm" (the program). No. I see myself all snuggled up with my partner on a nice beach in the north of France, reading a book. Or taking wee day trips to the safari park and having a picnic amongst the peacock poo. Or having naps.

So these are items that come to mind when I think of my own old age.

(It wasn’t intentionally nearly all photography. I just happened to like a lot of them!) x


  1. Kat, what a fab post and super choices, too. Being 45, I'm a little bit close to old age than you, but hey, who cares? I DO care about chocolate chip cookies, though. When can we sink our teeth into your devine baked offerings again? We're hooked!!
    Look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Take care, and don't work too hard.

  2. Ahh well I'm making some for Mike on wednesday (he's starting going to a wee group thing and he's still new and my motherly instinct is screaming to make him take cookies) so I can just wrap some up and post them for you :] x

  3. Oh, you make the thought of old age sound quite appealing. Like the other Liz :) I'm also a bit closer to getting there than you are and my wrinkles are starting to become a definite feature rather than a possibility! Oh well, here's to wrinkles, cups of tea and ice creams on a windy beach! Liz x

  4. I'm getting white hairs at 28 - think I'm going to turn into my granny and become obsessed with making cups of tea for people. Your plans for old age sound good to me!