Monday, 28 March 2011

Pearls, Pearls and then Some More Pearls

I did mention in passing a while ago that for my Mum’s birthday I made her a pearl necklace. This was entirely new to me and fortunately she loved it! And, my mother in Law loved it too. So much so that for her birthday she’s getting the same thing. (well, slightly differently but still a pearl necklace).

And while buying her pearls (the second I knew I got too excited and had to buy them right away) I also saw lots of lovely pearls that I liked.

So now I have her necklace, a bracelet for myself, and order from my mum for another necklace and bracelet set (made my the lovely pearls my bracelet is made from) and two up for sale on Folksy. And a whole lot more in a jar just waiting to be loved in to something new. (If only my packages from the states would arrive!)

Firstly, here are the two new ones I am selling. And remember I have a sale on until midnight!

And this is my Mother in Law’s new necklace (As of April 12th)

And my new bracelet.

Both of those lovely vintage clasps, by the way, were from this lovely lady at folksy!


  1. Thank you so much for the mention and link to my destash shop in your blog! Your jewellery is stunning. I am not suprised that your Mother in Law and Mum both love their necklaces.

    The clasps look fantastic in your designs.

    Love Jacqueline x

  2. you're very welcome! They wouldn't be the same without them :]

    And thank you :] x