Monday, 21 March 2011

Mother’s Day Sale

Indeed the title is not deceiving; I am having a Mother’s Day Sale of sorts. I say of sorts because it’s not actually on Mother’s day. It is in fact a whole week, starting now and finishing at midnight on Monday the 28th of March.

And there are two possible discounts. Either, free postage and packaging, or 10% off. If something’s purchased, I will select one of those that gives you the most off. No point having 10% off a sale of £9 when you could get £2 off! And if anyone feels the urge and spends £100, a mere £2 P&P pales into insignificance, and so they get a tenner off! :]

So, you can either message me before hand and I’ll make up a private listing, or just buy it and I’ll refund via paypal. (Though I’m not entirely sure how to do this, but it can’t be that difficult!) And it does apply to every single thing in my shop!

Hopefully it may help some people with Mother’s day gifts :]

so here are a couple of items that are for sale :]

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