Friday, 11 March 2011

Geeky Folksy Friday

Again, I nearly forgot it was Friday! I was so involved in my programming (and by programming I mean “Four Weddings US”) that I nearly let it slip right on past me. I quite like forgetting it’s Friday because then Saturday takes me by surprise. But I miss the Folksy Fridays.

As I’m supposed to be programming, and I am a big geek anyway, I thought I’d do a computery/geeky/programming one.

Enjoy, and let your inner geek thrive :] x

And of course I needed to add one of my circuit boards in, too :]


  1. Great selections and a fantastic Geeky Folksy Friday! Thankyou for featuring my 5.25" floppy notebooks! :-) [MintToBeStationery]

  2. lol, when I saw the geeky title I wasn't sure what of mine would be here - but of course it is the scrabble....rubbish at it myself - the tiles make far nicer jewellery haha!

    thankyou so much for adding my pendant to this brilliant folksy friday :)

  3. It's because I'm programming in C ;]

    and you're both very welcome! :] x

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for listing my binary ILOVEYOU fused glass coasters as part of this Folksy Friday. You have found some beautiful things and I have linked to this post on my facebook page. Best wishes. Jane.

  5. Oh you're very welcome! And I shall go and have a look now; thank you :] x