Monday, 7 March 2011

Lovely Things

The intention of this blog was to merely show you my amazing nail patterns. But as I was taking photos I found something else to show you and then I remembered another thing. So just revel in the randomness!

My Lovely sunny daffodils in jars and bottles :]

The orchid I maimed the other week is flowering nicely in its vase! (Also, the picture for the orchid was taken a while after the original daffodils were taken. They didn’t just die within the hour.)

And my amazing zebra print nails, that my amazing boyfriend sat and patiently painted :]

It’s a bit chipped now though, as it was done on Friday and I’m hopeless for keeping nail varnish in tact.

Unfortunately, the lid on this lovely OPI Alpine Snow was not on properly and I lost most of a bottle to the coffee table. (The £5 Ikea table survived and I lost a nail varnish thrice the price. Hilarious.)

So nothing much, but there we are. The daffodils brightened up my Monday, at least :]


  1. Lovely Daffodils there, I am just trying to imagine what would happen if my husband painted my nails?? terrifying thought.

    Lynda x

  2. Lol! He's not fiddly artistic type? Nor am I really :] I can add the colour just fine but any fiddly details and I leave it to him! :] x