Thursday, 9 December 2010

Not a Fad!-A Folksy Friday

gosh this is a little on the embarrassing side how long I left it for. I had dedication and drive but somewhere in between starting it and realising I had more University work that is possibly legal, that dedication and drive dwindled some what.

And, I am by no means done with my work; that happens next Friday. (Then I can really be Christmasy!) But just to prove this wasn't a fad or a phase, I shall do another Folksy Friday. On a Thursday.

This one is about fads and fashions and what not :] Enjoy!

(As a side note, once I started this, although I could think of loads and loads of fads, Folksy wasn't the place. So it's more, a bit of nostalgia really.)

Rubik's Cube

Space Hopper



Doctor Who
Also, my Gameboy was grey. Original, bricks of a Gameboy. They were the best. :]

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Robin Folksy Friday, on a Thursday

Whilst after a (well deserved) break from writing about professional issues, I took solace in Kristie’s Homemade Home, while browsing autumnal pictures. This is a program that, not only do I adore, but that never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit.

These are the fabulous pictures, but I warn you, there is a horrible spider in there! (Wonderful picture; dreadful spider.)

To be honest, I was normally a bit of a humbug with Christmas. But, ever since moving (exactly a year ago on the 13th) in with my partner, I am almost childlike in my excitement! And I’ll even admit I actually have one decoration up already. It is a pair of beautiful robins, which shall be my first item in the list.

And so, because of my robins in my hall, the beautiful picture of a robin and my general excitement, I shall have a robin theme this week. Christmasy enough to satisfy me, but not too Christmasy to be over the top :]

Mistletoe Robins

White Robin Tags

Robin Christmas Decoration

Paper Robin

Tiny robin
Robin Coaster

Robin Christmas Decoration
Ceramic robin Christmas Decoration
"Mini Robinson McTweet Junior Real Bird Red Breasted Robin Tweet"

Paper Christmas Robins

And we wouldn’t have robins if they didn’t have homes! So finally, a lovely little home :]
Robin Bird Box
There are a lot because I couldn’t make up my mind!

Enjoy :] x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Now, this incident did happen a while ago, so I apologise to those who already know about it. But for those of you that don't know, this article is worth a read.

To be honest, we all have a few friends that aren't really friends, more, people we tolerate. They are normally pretty harmless, but on the wrong side of aggravating. But I really believe that if I had friends capable of inserting 50cm, live animals inside me I would know. I think there would be signs.

It does point out they were drunk (quelle surprise!) but it fails to mention where they got the eel from? And I'm also quite curious as to what happened to the eel. It's a pretty bad death for him, too! I understand it's very bad for the chef, but then again, they were his choice of friends. (Which does say quite a bit about him.)

You can bet I'll be scrutinising my friends' on their opinion of "a good time" from now on!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sunflower Seed Carpet

I suppose, the first time you look at the title of this post, dread may set in. No, Leopard Print Bee is a one-off; I am not some crazy person, titling everything with bohemian names and symbolism. There really is a sunflower seed carpet!

This is a link to it on the BBC’s website

When I originally saw this I was not really overly impressed. Covering a floor in seeds? He’s asking for a mice infestation. But, they are not really seeds at all. They are handcrafted porcelain imitation seeds. That symbolise happiness and friendship in the Chinese culture. Genius! I think it’s wonderful. Not the kind of art I’d have at home, but wonderful never the less.

 Over 100 million of them. It puts my crafting skills to shame! (Though he’s actually only made 3 himself).

What do you think of it? A complete waste of time or a masterpiece?

:] x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

"New" Folksy Friday

I sat there, trying to work. Trying very hard indeed. But the pull of Folksy, and wonderful things I can buy (especially now it’s almost Christmas!), was too much. And this bought me disapproving looks from my not-so-much-better-but-still-pretty-good other half. And I thought, I need an excuse to browse Folksy! So I’ll start Folksy Fridays, and have a blog too! Genius :]

So this is my little escape from my hectic world. And, as this is my first ever post on here, not to mention my first folksy Friday, then I’d like to have a theme of “new” :]

New Jersey Powerlines
New Baby   

New York
New Home
New Fox
New Robot
 OK so I guess "new fox" is pushing it, but it is very cute!

Ta ta for now! :] x