Thursday, 4 November 2010

"New" Folksy Friday

I sat there, trying to work. Trying very hard indeed. But the pull of Folksy, and wonderful things I can buy (especially now it’s almost Christmas!), was too much. And this bought me disapproving looks from my not-so-much-better-but-still-pretty-good other half. And I thought, I need an excuse to browse Folksy! So I’ll start Folksy Fridays, and have a blog too! Genius :]

So this is my little escape from my hectic world. And, as this is my first ever post on here, not to mention my first folksy Friday, then I’d like to have a theme of “new” :]

New Jersey Powerlines
New Baby   

New York
New Home
New Fox
New Robot
 OK so I guess "new fox" is pushing it, but it is very cute!

Ta ta for now! :] x


  1. thanks,think this is the first time i've been in someones Folksy Friday.

    good luck with the blogging

  2. You're more than welcome! And thank you :] x

  3. There is only one favourite for me - New York - home sweet home!

  4. Thanks for featuring my powerlines ;)

  5. Aww! Such a cute robot. Loving the creativity of the New Jersey powerlines pic

  6. Lovely choices and very inventive!

    I love the little new fox too!

    Natalie x