Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Robin Folksy Friday, on a Thursday

Whilst after a (well deserved) break from writing about professional issues, I took solace in Kristie’s Homemade Home, while browsing autumnal pictures. This is a program that, not only do I adore, but that never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit.

These are the fabulous pictures, but I warn you, there is a horrible spider in there! (Wonderful picture; dreadful spider.)

To be honest, I was normally a bit of a humbug with Christmas. But, ever since moving (exactly a year ago on the 13th) in with my partner, I am almost childlike in my excitement! And I’ll even admit I actually have one decoration up already. It is a pair of beautiful robins, which shall be my first item in the list.

And so, because of my robins in my hall, the beautiful picture of a robin and my general excitement, I shall have a robin theme this week. Christmasy enough to satisfy me, but not too Christmasy to be over the top :]

Mistletoe Robins

White Robin Tags

Robin Christmas Decoration

Paper Robin

Tiny robin
Robin Coaster

Robin Christmas Decoration
Ceramic robin Christmas Decoration
"Mini Robinson McTweet Junior Real Bird Red Breasted Robin Tweet"

Paper Christmas Robins

And we wouldn’t have robins if they didn’t have homes! So finally, a lovely little home :]
Robin Bird Box
There are a lot because I couldn’t make up my mind!

Enjoy :] x


  1. Some lovely things there! Thank you so much for featuring my Mistletoe Robins x

  2. I love Robins, i even named one of my Daughters Robyn, with her fiery red hair too. Lovely choices, but the Robins under the Mistletoe has to be my fav xx

  3. Another robin fan here,such a great selection.Especially love the Misletoe Robins and Mini Robinson McTweet!xx

  4. I'm glad you all agree! My Mistletoe Robins are in my hall, right near my front door, so I can see them and smile when I walk in :] x

  5. Hi, thanks for featuring my robin coaster, great choices x

  6. Beautiful picks! It wouldn't be Christmas without the humble robin ;-)

  7. What a great selection, all so cute.

  8. Love em love love em how cute.
    Great choices.

  9. Some gorgeous little robins there. Great picks!