Thursday, 9 December 2010

Not a Fad!-A Folksy Friday

gosh this is a little on the embarrassing side how long I left it for. I had dedication and drive but somewhere in between starting it and realising I had more University work that is possibly legal, that dedication and drive dwindled some what.

And, I am by no means done with my work; that happens next Friday. (Then I can really be Christmasy!) But just to prove this wasn't a fad or a phase, I shall do another Folksy Friday. On a Thursday.

This one is about fads and fashions and what not :] Enjoy!

(As a side note, once I started this, although I could think of loads and loads of fads, Folksy wasn't the place. So it's more, a bit of nostalgia really.)

Rubik's Cube

Space Hopper



Doctor Who
Also, my Gameboy was grey. Original, bricks of a Gameboy. They were the best. :]


  1. thanks for including my gameboy, i had the original grey one too, but when the gameboy colour came out i just got obsessed with them lol

  2. Ah you're welcome! I never moved on. In fact, I still have my big grey gameboy. In fact, if I keep it long enough, I could probably sell it to a museum :]

    It is very cute, isn't it? :]

  3. I love your choices, really quirky and a trip back to my youth :-)