Friday, 7 January 2011

Folksy Friday Fit for a New Year!

The first Friday in a New Year! If I’m completely honest, I don’t really subscribe to the hype for New Year. When I was younger, a year seemed like an eternity, full of excitement and long, lazy summer days, and eons until Christmas. And everyone smugly informed me that as I grew up years would get shorter. And in my little, cocky, logical self, I informed them that “years are exactly the same length, no matter how old you are. And no, you are not catching me up. You will always be 50 years my senior.” (I’ll stop. Or this may turn in to a rant.) But alas, they do at the very least seem shorter.

So for me now, a year is just one step closer to having a job, being out of education (and no, university is not the best time of my life, haughty people from earlier!) and a step closer to death. But, you all buy in to it! So, a new year, a new road. What could be more fitting that maps to guide us on our way?

Enjoy :] x

Map Garland

"Where I Love You"

Map Necklace

Map Box

Map Gift Tags

Map Cameo Print

Map Lampshade

Map Cushion


  1. Oh I love maps! Great selection I love that large lampshade
    Kate x

  2. fab selection - am just about to do mine for today but once again am caught up looking at everyone elses blog...

    Happy Weekend