Friday, 21 January 2011

Two Blogs. One Day. Spoilt!

And indeed you are spoilt. Not just because you get to read a new and exciting instalment from myself, but also because I am going to blog now about some pretty bloody amazing things!

If you actually know me, you will know I have quite the little shopping addiction, which was made all the worse when I discovered how much was at my finger tips with the internet and indeed Folksy. (I’m serious. I hear people saying what they’ve bought and they’re a “nice to have a glass of wine every now and then” addict and I’m a crack whore.)

Anyway! Shopping has really kept me sane the past few months when I have pretty much not left the house. It staved off cabin fever like limes and scurvy.

So to thank people, I have selected a few of the nicest things to show you. Not all from folksy either. And I do love much, much more but I believe you’d glaze over if I listed everything. I do love it all.

I have other favourites too, but never fear, as I will be doing a “things in my house” instalment when I’ve tidied up.

So the first are my new nail polishes. Bloody beautiful colours and I did take a sample picture of one per finger but I had no memory card in. And by that point I’d already cleaned them off and gone for the bright blue! But these are the colours, and that’s the blue. I will do them. Eventually.

The colour on my nails is Ocean, by Pop Beauty. I used to have this colour ages ago but I threw it all over my boyfriend's bed. He got new bedding out of it, and I lost a nail varnish. Yet I still apologised? Tragic. So I bought it again recently.

And then the next lovely things are two necklaces from Folksy that I just love!

Firstly, and long overdue, is a gorgeous custom-made apron, by Audrey’s cat! Unfortunately I was alone in the house, so the best I could do was it folded on the couch. But it really is amazing and I wanted you all to see it, none the less!

Audrey’s Cat

Folksy jewellery, the first of which is a set of pearls from LouLousLuxuries. Elegant and simple :]


The second is a meadow seen, by the amazing Aileen Clark Crafts. I think it’s just amazing. Seriously one of my favourite purchases ever.

Aileen Clark Crafts

The next three necklaces are from Etsy and they are just so adorable! I have a sloth in the post, too, which I cannot wait to receive. This woman is seriously talented!

Motley Mutton

Motley Mutton

Motley Mutton

The next are “things I’ve been up to”. I bought some lovely freshwater pearls from The Little Bead Box (link in picture comment) and with her help and a little guidance I made my mum a matching pearl necklace and bracelet set for her birthday, next week. And I’m pretty damn proud, too :] (Though I did make Mike so all the fiddly parts. I have Shrek hands.)

The Little Bead Box

And finally (I can hear the sigh of relief!) is a few things that I will be hoping to put up soon, amongst flamingos and goldfish and swimmers :]

Bit long? Sorry! x


  1. Aww thanks for the feature Kat! You have a stunning collection of fascinating things here! You obviously have a good eye for unusual and cool stuff.

  2. Wow, Kat, you've made my pearls look fantastic - well done, you! I'm sure your Mum will love them.
    Thanks for the plug.

  3. You've bought some lovely stuff! thanks for sharing - I've got some very similar minty green nailvarnish and I LOVE the blue as well...

  4. Hi again, forgot to say I used to be a programmer - back in the mists of time in COBOL (!!!), then I became a business analyst/IS project manager. Good luck with your studies...

  5. Ahh you're all welcome!

    Well, her birthday's on wednesday, so we'll find out then, but I hope she loves them :]

    Really? That's quite a coincidence really, as you don't come across many female programmers :] and thank you! x

  6. How lovely, I think I am in love with Motley Mutton:)


  7. What a lovely collection of goodies. The Motley Mutton is so adorable! Elaine

  8. Loving Motley Mutton..not a fan of frogs but I love that one :o)

  9. aw what lovely things! never seen necklaces like that before! (the little animals) so cute :)