Monday, 28 February 2011

Rainbow Butterfly Cakes

Rainbow Butterfly Cakes

Today I had had enough of bloody tracerouting! My coursework’s in on Thursday, I’m not really behind, so I thought bugger it! I’ll surprise Mike with some lovely butterfly cakes!

And to be honest, butterfly cakes are a little childish. So I thought I’d “mature” them a bit and to me, nothing says grown-up and sophisticated quite like rainbows and glitter!

Last summer for a friend’s birthday I attempted this cake. And it came out pretty well to be honest! (see below)

But that beast, tidying included, took about 6 hours. And I didn’t have six hours. I had an hour. So I scaled it all down and made rainbow cupcakes instead!

I used the exact about of cake mix as the woman did above, so it seems pretty pointless me repeating it and telling you how to do it when it was her idea to begin with and she tells you perfectly well! But I didn’t use her icing. Her icing is amazing and I use it on the real cake but there’s not enough time in the day to stuff a mushroom, let alone make that icing! So I did mine with handfuls of icing sugar and butter and some clementine juice until it tasted right. (It looked awful but tasted fine.)

So here we are. I got my food dyes at Hobby Craft but I’m sure you can do it cheaper than that! Make these :] they’re lovely.

I swirled them up a bit here to make them a bit more psychedelic.

I cut the tops off pretty badly. That could be due to me having all the grace of a hippo or my knife. Which was a bit big, I admit. (I did cut myself but I doubt I’ll have the finger removed…)

(That crappy photo was just to try and show you the glitter!)

If you make these, please take photos! :] x


  1. Mmmmm, any left for me? They look good! And that rainbow cake is AMAZING!

  2. It is, isn't it :] definitely worth the 6hours of labour! x

  3. These look fantastic Kat! I want to try your swirly ones. What fun!

  4. Next time I make a batch, I'll post you some! :] x

  5. Yum! The buns remind me of being little when my mum would always bake them for our birthday parties. We used to call them marble buns :)

  6. Ahh you should definitely make them then! Nothing tastes better than nostalgia! ;]

    (That sounds a million times more cheesy than I intended it too.... :D )


  7. I'm very impressed with your rainbow cake and butterfly cakes,they look yummy!hope your finger is better:)xx

  8. Ahhh thank you! they are a million times easier than they look :]

    And thank you! It's getting there; I'm sure I'll live :] x