Friday, 4 February 2011

Folksy Friday Cheerfulness!

This morning, like most, I dragged myself out of bed and rushed around getting ready. I was late (as ever) for University. And then to ice this horrid cake, I went outside, into a whirlwind of disgusting weather, to find all the bins had flown about. 12 bins from our flats, tipped over, in our garden, in other people’s gardens, on cars, in the road. Basically, everywhere.

So I felt duty-bound to shift them. So on my own, in gale force winds (I imagine) and rain, with newly straightened hair, I lugged all 12 bins back to their little shelters in the flats.

So not only far too late for University, but completely bloody sodden and stinking to high heaven, I retreated back to my flat.


Roll on summer!

A Butterfly

Glass Bunting

Hair Slides

A Bee

A Print

Big Daisy Brooch

Big Sunflower Brooch

Lady Bird Brooch

A Rainbow

Insect Cup

And is it egoistical to add one of your own in, too? :]

Summer Flowers

P.S Thank you to everyone that sent "get well wishes" last week! Not soup; but still pretty good :] xx


  1. Sounds like a terrible start to the day, but i'm sure the weekend will get better!
    p.s. do you know what happened to Cat?

  2. Good on you!! That was very lovely neighbourly thing to do. Thank you very much for including my brooch in your selection. Have a great weekend.

    D. :)

  3. well done you on the bin thing. You may be wet and stinky but a halo must be shining round your head! Love your choices especially the glass rainbow

    Kate x

  4. You poor thing..lots of good karma coming to you no doubt!Thanks for including my clips in your selection..really love your bangle especially,xxx

  5. Ahh I hope so! :]

    Sorry, "what happened to cat?" I'm a bit lost :[


  6. Do you still keep in touch with Catherine? :) Not seen or heard of her for years!!

  7. I do! I thought that's what you meant :]

    And I have absolutely no idea who you are :] x