Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine’s Adventures

Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all! I trust you all had a lovely day/weekend?

I thought I would put up a quick blog (well I intend it to be a quick blog, but as I browse my pictures I can feel it growing…sorry!) about my lovely Valentine’s Day!

It was my third Valentine’s with my partner, Mike, (in fact, my third ever being in a relationship!) and the previous two we’ve spent in Devon.

My great aunt Win’s (now 88) husband’s (Ron, who unfortunately is dead) parents had a little cottage in Lympstone; a wee village just outside Exmouth. And ever since there have been various family cottages and what not there. (I spent pretty much every weekend there when I was growing up.) So the past two years, we were down there!

But alas, this year it was on a Monday. So to compromise, we went this weekend! And had a lovely weekend of shopping and beach combing on (a very windy!) Lympstone beach.

(That’s me practising my knitting :] )

And for today, I secretly cleaned the house (including doing the washing up! (for the first and last time ever….)) and made him steak and chips and chocolate mousse :]

(This may not sound an elaborate meal, but I can assure you that it is. The chips take over 3 hours to make. Thanks for that, Mr Blumenthal!)

And it was very much an “Aileen Clarke” Valentine’s Day, as both of our presents to each other were her felt pictures :]

Mine was this “Wee Chubby Coo” that, apparently, “I didn’t bloody shut up about!” (Worked then!)

And his, was a picture of us on a picnic in Devon last summer (When we were lucky enough for dad to have a lapse in tenants in our cottage :] )

This beautiful picture was created by (the very patient!) Aileen. I presented her with some of my pictures, more in hope than expectation, and I was bowled away by just how bloody good it is!

Oh, and I got flowers and the Lion King! ;]

So that’s my gushing over with! Back to bitter old me :]

Well, after watching the Lion King with chocolate mousse! (Sitting at the table is all very well and good, but couches are so much more comfortable….)

Please do share you adventures, too!

P.S How many Folksy items did you spot? I saw at least five. I really do have a problem….


  1. Sounds [and looks] like you've had a lovely day/weekend! :)
    Ben and I just went out for lunch and to the cinema, and will spend this evening at his watching tv. He got me some lovely pressies too - oh and yes, he did give me flowers! :D xx

  2. I read! Huhrrah! :]

    Well I'm very glad you had a lovely day, too :] xx

  3. You and your guy have such good taste! lol.And what's that round your neck in the beach photo?! : )
    Seriously though Kat, it has been a great pleasure and a privilege to make such a unique picture for you and Mike and I was so excited when he bought the coo as I knew how much you loved it : )Glad you had a lovely weekend but tell Heston where to get off making chips take three hours to make! I heard his spag bol takes three days!!! lol.

  4. Wow, your Valentines weekend looks spot-on - glad you had a good time together. And Aileen's work is stunning: I'm off to take a look at her shop now :)

  5. Stunning gifts from Aileen, I am a fan too. A lovely table setting there too, glad you had such a wonderful weekend.

    No adventures to share here sadly, we were both working and my pressie hasnt arrived yet.

    Lynda x

  6. Ahh you see I don't mind cooking, and the more cooking I do, the less cleaning I have to do. So it's win win really! But I think I'd draw the line a 3day bolognese!

    And 'tis indeed your necklace! :] The pleasure has been all mine. Thank you! If you're ever in sunny manchester you should come look at them! :]

    And thank you, you two! :]

    You should dedicate yourself a new valentine's weekend, specifically for adventures :] x