Friday, 17 June 2011


Wow. I have really neglected my blog. Sorry! (In case anyone actually did notice.) Mainly, this has been the fault of University. I had masses of work and exams on, and as soon as they were over I have started my summer job (and enjoying free weekends).

But I have my results and I am quite pleased (not over the moon, but happy enough!) to say that I got a 2:1 for year 2. And it’s all on with my partner’s family, as he now has two siblings engaged and the third is expecting a child (well, his girlfriend is).

Which is very exciting (though I am a tiny bit jealous, too. I have no problems admitting this flaw in my personality!). This has got me thinking about babies and children and life and what not (which is on hold, as I am determined to build or renovate a house before we settle down!) but one of the names I really like for a girl is Albertine, and as this is a pink rose, what better Folksy Friday theme?


  1. Gorgeous! And I think I might *need* those rose soaps! Eilidh xx

  2. thank you so much forchoosing the rose clips from the Ickle Imogen shop...they are in fabulous company!

    what a pretty selection to go with a very pretty name :o)