Friday, 8 April 2011

Folksy Friday Fascinating Fascinators

Cheesy? Yes. But who could resist such alliteration?

Anyway! You may or may not have seen my new fascinators that I spent yesterday making for myself. Anyway here they are again (mainly because I am so proud!)

But because of this I thought I would dedicate my folksy Friday to all the lovely fascinators that inspired me to do this :]


  1. Beautiful choises from all the talented makers on lovely folksy. Thank you for including my butterfly, enjoy your weekend, Sue x

  2. Well done!
    You've made some really pretty fascinators. I do have a soft spot for anything peacock!
    Thank you so much for featuring my double peacock feather flower fascinator, the 'Cat's Meow'
    xxx Jen xxx

  3. kat....i think youre giving us a run for our money! ;o) seriously, your designs are fab and you have picked a super selection, thank you so much for giving me a mention :o)


    ps. cheesy alliteration...its what my shops are built on! ;o)

  4. Thank you all very much :] They were fun to make but bloody hell! So much glue! And feathers everywhere! It makes resin look neat :]

    anyway you're all welcome :] x